• Rock installation 
  • We do not use Bobcat or any heavy machine to spread the rock. We only use wheelbarrows.
  • We do not leave any tire marks , we will not ruin your sod.
  • We are charging 40 dollars/cubic yard of rock speeding.
  • There is no minimum.

Pictures of rocks we work with!

  • Sod installation
  • Sod types we install : Zoysia, St.Augustine (Floratan, Palmetto,Seville) Bermuda, Bahia
  • New yard , replacing old sod
  • Weed removal
  • degrass old yards with chemicals or with grass cutter.
  • If you are interested please send an email for a quote

 What to know about sod?

St.Augustine Floratam:

'Floratam' is an improved St. Augustinegrass that was released jointly in 1973 by the University of Florida and Texas A & M. 'Floratam' is the most widely produced and used St. Augustinegrass in Florida. It is a coarse-textured cultivar that has poor cold and shade tolerance relative to other St. Augustinegrass cultivars. It will not persist well in environments that receive less than 6 hours of sunlight daily. It grows vigorously in warm weather, but has a relatively long period of dormancy in north Florida and greens up more slowly in the spring than some cultivars. When first released, it had UF-documented chinch bug resistance, although that has largely been lost over time and chinch bugs are now a major pest of 'Floratam'. It is also susceptible to gray leaf spot and other diseases. 'Floratam' is intolerant of atrazine herbicides when temperatures are above 85°F. It is a “standard” cultivar and should be mowed at 3.5 to 4 inches. 'Floratam' is available as a certified cultivar.


In the southern U.S., the zoysiagrasses grow well in moderately shaded locations. In cooler climates, zoysiagrass does not perform as well under shade as some other species.Zoysiagrass is extremely drought tolerant. Although it does turn straw colored under severe drought conditions, it has the capacity to respond to subsequent irrigation or rainfall. Its water requirements are similar to those of bermudagrass. The leaf blades of zoysiagrass are among the first to roll under drought conditions, thus it tends to conserve moisture more effectively than other species. Zoysiagrass also has a deep root system allowing it to more effectively extract water from greater soil depths.Zoysiagrass is nearly as salt tolerant as bermudagrass. It is widely grown along sandy seashores where drainage is adequate. Zoysiagrass does not tolerate poorly drained soils whether they are saline or otherwise. Zoysiagrasses are among the most wear tolerant turfgrasses. However, their slow rate of growth gives them very poor recuperative potential. Therefore, they perform satisfactorily on lawns, golf course fairways and baseball fields. But, they are not recommended for football or soccer fields where traffic is concentrated in certain areas of the field. If the grass is completely worn in those areas, zoysiagrass is very slow to fill in the damaged areas.

St. Augustine Palmetto:

Palmetto' was a selection found by a Florida sod grower in 1988 and was released in the mid 1990s by Sod Solutions. It is of intermediate growth, with shorter leaf blades and internodes than many other cultivars, but is slightly larger than the dwarf St. Augustinengrass cultivars such as 'Seville' and 'Delmar'. It has a nice growth habit and does well in full sun or partial shade, but not in dense shade. It is sometimes referred to as drought-tolerant, but research has not shown that it has any greater degree of drought tolerance than other St. Augustine grasses. It often has problems with disease, particularly in Florida's humid environment. It tends to have a lighter green color than many other cultivars.


'Seville' is a dwarf, fine-leaved variety with a dark green color and a low growth habit. It is susceptible to chinch bug and webworm damage. Like the other dwarf cultivars, 'Seville' tends to be thatch-prone. 'Seville' performs well in both shade and full sun, but is cold-sensitive. 'Seville' should be mowed at 2 to 2.5 inches. It is not as common as 'Delmar', but is also a good choice for shady sites.


Bahia sod is a low-maintenance grass type that is resistant to insects and draught. It has thick grass blades that are light green in color.

Bermuda grass sod is often sold in the south because it does well in hot, arid climates. It is dense and holds up well, which makes it popular for use on large sports fields.<

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